Chiropractic: Acute or Ongoing Care?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 30 million Americans visit chiropractors every year. Chiropractic care promotes wellness, and can provide an alternative to medication or surgery in some instances. Many people are under the impression that chiropractic care is always ongoing, but that’s not necessarily true. The duration of your treatment is established based on your needs. While ongoing chiropractic care is often the best option for patients, acute chiropractic care is also an available option.

Acute care is meant to alleviate immediate pain or symptoms. Acute back pain is a common ailment in adults, and many find chiropractic care to be the best remedy. However, you may find acute chiropractic care so beneficial that you end up seeking ongoing care.

Ongoing chiropractic care is also sometimes called maintenance or wellness care. The purpose of wellness care is to ensure that you stay in good health. While acute care might relieve immediate discomfort, ongoing chiropractic care can prevent discomfort in the first place.

Chiropractic care does more than just relieve back pain. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) care for the entire musculoskeletal system; i.e., the muscles ligaments, and joints. The musculoskeletal system is important on its own, but musculoskeletal health can directly effect the health of your nervous system. Chiropractic care can also promote good general health and wellness.

Of course, each patient has different needs, but ongoing chiropractic care can often be the most beneficial course of action. Since chiropractic requires hands-on treatment, the best results are seen with regular long-term care. Wellness care focuses on prevention rather than treatment.

We recently welcomed Eric W. Walker DC, Steven W. Whitelaw DC, and Bobby Pritchett DC to the MANA team. Doctors Walker, Whitelaw, and Pritchett make up Millennium Chiropractic, which has been serving the chiropractic needs of Northwest Arkansas since 1997. Millennium Chiropractic has worked with the Arkansas Razorbacks, Rodeo of the Ozarks, and the Professional Bull Riders Association. Walker and Whitelaw are the only Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructors in Northwest Arkansas.

While Millennium Chiropractic has worked with many elite athletes, they also work with men, women, and children of all ages. Schedule your chiropractic visit today!