Breast Center Opens Interim Fayetteville Center

On February 22, 2016, two months after an electrical fire forced MANA to close The Breast Center on Sunbridge Drive in Fayetteville, the physicians and staff opened an Interim Fayetteville center at 3352 North Futrall Drive next to MANA Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic.

Restoration and construction to repair the fire damage at the 55 West Sunbridge Drive facility are expected to take nine to twelve months.

The temporary Breast Center location will provide the full menu of breast imaging services provided at Sunbridge center and some new services. Biopsy services began this week in addition to the mobile mammography services. Screening mammography begins next week and other services will be added as the equipment arrives.

  • Diagnostic and Screening Services
  • 3D Mammography
  • Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI
  • Dense Breast Screening
  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy
  • Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing

Immediately after the December electrical fire, patients were rescheduled at The Breast Center Bentonville. To accommodate more patients, The Breast Center Bentonville extended normal weekday business hours and added Saturday hours. MANA began to work on plans for an interim clinic the same week of the fire. Finding a temporary space to rent, testing and replacing the imaging equipment, and communicating with patients and the medical community have been ongoing.

A special concrete pad was poured at 3352 Futrall Drive for a mobile Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI Unit. The Breast Center in Fayetteville and Dr. Steven Harms offer the only dedicated Breast MRI in Northwest Arkansas. Dedicated Breast MRI is the most sensitive test available for diagnosing breast cancer. When the facility was forced to close, this service was not available at the Bentonville office or anywhere else in Northwest Arkansas. The mobile unit is expected to be installed and running by March 15, 2016. Patients will use an exit that will be covered to walk directly into the mobile unit.

Throughout this event, the radiologists and staff have stayed focused on patient care. Timing is very important to the care The Breast Center provides, from yearly screening mammograms to timely diagnostic care. When a screening mammogram is abnormal at The Breast Center, the patient is notified by phone and further testing is scheduled as soon as possible.

“When our facilities are compromised, that makes our job a little harder, but we are making it work,” explains Kevin Pope, MD.  “We have an amazing team of dedicated technologists, nurses, schedulers, radiologists, our fearless leader Director Sarah Faitak, and support staff at MANA, who have stayed focused on patient care.”

The Breast Center, a MANA clinic, expanded the Bentonville center in September of 2015. Offering extended weekday hours and Saturdays at the Bentonville Center has helped care for urgent cases as well as screening mammograms rescheduled from the Fayetteville center.

Schedulers are contacting patients now to schedule appointments that were delayed. To schedule a yearly screening exam or other exam, call 479-442-6266 or request an appointment using our online form.