Back to School Checkups

It’s summer at last! Time to relax, enjoy family fun, explore the outdoors, and time to…schedule your back-to-school checkups! 

What? Doesn’t it seem too early? Many of us don’t think about back-to-school checkups until we’re ready to buy new shoes and school supplies sometime in August. The problem is, that’s when everyone else is also thinking about their back-to-school doctor visits. Your pediatrician’s schedule can get congested at the end of summer. 

Does it have to be done before school?

Back-to-school is an exciting time with its challenges. Kids must get up early again and get back into the habit of getting ready for school and doing homework. Families need to sort out kids’ activities, childcare arrangements, and household chores. Maybe you’re thinking you can do your kids’ annual checkups later once things have settled down.

However, your school may require a doctor’s visit. Young athletes may need a sports physical or clearance to play, and vaccines may also be required. In addition, schools may require an updated asthma or allergy action plan.   

If the school doesn’t require a doctor’s visit, you should still plan one to ensure your child is in top physical condition for school. Back-to-school checkups are a chance to make sure your child is not hindered by limitations in vision or hearing, and they let you catch any health concerns before they become problems.

This is also a great time to ask questions. A new school year can bring new challenges with behavior, routines, and rules. Your pediatrician can be your partner in parenting, with extensive experience that helps to support you and your child.

We’re here all summer!

Take one day this summer to get your back-to-school checkups crossed off your list before the stress and excitement of returning to school. Questions about travel, summer camp, and other summertime topics can arise, and your schedule is probably less complicated in summer.

Call (479) 442-7322 to request an appointment with Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics or online through the myMANA Health Portal. Then you can settle in to enjoy your summer, knowing you have this important item scheduled.