Baby Formula Shortage Recommendations

There is a shortage of baby formula in Arkansas and across the nation. The supply in Arkansas stores is about one third lower than normal.

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics has advice for parents who are having trouble finding the formula they need. 

  • Don’t dilute formula to make it last longer. Watered-down formula can disrupt your baby’s electrolyte balance. This can be dangerous.
  • Don’t make your own formula. Old-fashioned recipes are circulating on social media, but they are not right for your baby’s nutritional needs. 
  • Don’t use formula designed for toddlers. Older babies have different nutritional needs from infants. 
  • Don’t use cow’s milk or goat’s milk instead of formula.


So what should you do if you cannot find your regular baby formula?

  • Switch to a different brand. See our formula shortage comparison for an alternate brand that is similar to your baby’s current formula. Check with your pediatrician if you have any questions.  
  • Check other stores. You may be used to going to your regular grocery, but we found formula in stock at drugstores and specialty stores. You may also be able to find it online.
  • Social media groups are sharing sources they’ve found. Try your online moms’ groups as a source.
  •, the Canadian version of, will ship formula to the U.S., and they do not have a shortage in Canada.

Ask your pediatrician

For more information, and to find the best alternate formulas see our “Infant Formula Shortage Need to Know” for more information. If you are not sure about your options, call your pediatrician