AY Picks MANA Best Doctors

About You (AY) magazine listed the Best Doctors in Arkansas in their July issue. The Best Doctors were selected by the readers of AY. 

We’re proud to say that these MANA doctors made the cut:

    • Danna Grear of The Breast Center is the best Clinical Breast Radiologist. Also among the best in Radiology are Steven Harms, Kevin Pope, and Kelly Pierce of the Breast Center.
    • John Nolen and Jason Vickery of FirstCare Family Doctors Springdale are among the best in Family Medicine.
    • Angela Curry of Renaissance Women’s Healthcare is one of the best in Ob-Gyn.
    • Chad Paschall of the Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic is one of the best in Gastroenterology.
    • Meredith Mahan, Joe Robinson, Charles Ball, Josephine Park, Laureen Benafield, Orrin Davis, Meredith Denton, Stacy Furlow, Charles David Jackson, Sean Livingston, John Simmons, and Virginia McCord are among the best in Pediatrics.
    • Lance Foster is among the best in Psychiatry.
    • Thomas Dykman is one of the best in Rheumatology. (Dr. Dykman has recently retired and was replaced by Dr. Song Zang at Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, A MANA Clinic.)


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