Apples for Your Health

Fall means apples! Kids loves apples, and apples are great choices for snacks for children.

  • Apples contain antioxidants, which can fight some diseases.
  • One of these antioxidants is quercetin, known for strengthening the immune system.
  • Another type of antioxidant, polyphenols, are associated with heart health.
  • Apples contain fiber, which helps to keep kids’ digestive systems healthy.
  • Apples also contain vitamin C — but no fat, almost no salt, and no added sugar.

You can give kids whole apples or sliced apples. For an extra treat, try these fun apple snacks:

  • Apple sandwiches: apple slices paired with peanut or almond butter in the middle
  • Apple slices with cheese cubes
  • Baked apples: cut out the core of an apple and fill the center with raisins and cinnamon
  • Apple wedges with cinnamon
    • Apple chunks with yogurt or cottage cheese