9 Reasons to Visit MANA Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics offer fast and convenient medical care, and at much a lower cost than an emergency room visit. MANA Urgent Care does not charge urgent care fees; your copay and fees are the same that you pay at your primary care provider.

Sometimes people aren’t sure whether to head to the emergency room, visit an urgent care clinic, or wait for an appointment with their primary care physician, however. Here are nine reasons to visit a MANA Urgent Care clinic.

It's the weekend, you don't have a primary care provider, you're visiting from out of town — there are plenty of reasons to visit MANA Urgent Care for your medical needs. Click To Tweet

You need medical care fast

Health emergencies don’t care about your busy schedule. Our walk-in clinics are equipped to provide fast medical care for most non-life-threatening health needs. We have two convenient locations in Fayetteville.

It’s after hours

Your doctor has left for the day, and you have a health issues that can’t wait. Maybe you’re feeling sick or you’re experiencing unusual symptoms, but you wouldn’t say that you have a health emergency. You can’t get to the doctor until after work, or it’s the weekend. MANA Urgent Care clinics are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You’re from out of town

You would see your primary care doctor, but she practices in another town… in a different state. Whether you’re visiting Northwest Arkansas for work or for play, MANA Urgent Care clinics provide quality healthcare services fast.

Minor accidents, injuries, and reactions

You don’t have a life threatening emergency, but you need immediate medical attention. This includes sprains, falls, rashes, allergic reactions, and other minor medical emergencies.

Infections and illnesses

Maybe you have a cut that looks infected, or your child is complaining about an upset stomach. Ear aches, infections, stomach viruses, colds, and allergies can all be treated at an urgent care clinic.

Shots and vaccinations

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, you need to. MANA Urgent Care offers flu vaccinations, and also offers select immunizations.

Sports physicals and lab services

MANA Urgent Care clinics offer on-site lab services, sports physicals, and occupational health services such as drug screening, pre-employment physicals, breath alcohol tests, and worker’s comp visits.

You don’t have a primary care doctor

Your medical needs don’t need to be urgent for you to visit an urgent care clinic. Urgent care clinics provide a place for patients without a primary care doctor to get the medical attention that they need. MANA has some of the best doctors in Northwest Arkansas. Consider making a MANA physician your new primary care doctor.

You’re a MANA patient

Anyone can visit a MANA Urgent Care clinic, but it’s even more convenient for established MANA patients. MANA Urgent Care is staffed by MANA physicians who have ready access to your health records and health history.

For life threatening emergencies, such as a heart attack or difficulty breathing, call 911.