5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

It’s important to have a family doctor, but many people choose not to do so. There’s really no reason not to have a doctor caring for your family, but here are five reasons why you should.

  • Regular check ups with a family doctor can help you and your family make healthy decisions and help prevent health problems. Not only is your family doctor a reliable source of answers to your health questions, but he or she knows you and your family. General advice is not as good as specific health information relevant to your needs. Visits to your family physician also help you stay accountable for those healthy decisions that can be hard to follow through on; regular support can make the difference. Family doctors look to prevent health issues before they happen.
  • You establish comfort and trust with a family doctor. Some people avoid physicians because they feel nervous or uncomfortable around them. With a family doctor, you get to know your doctor and they get to know you. You establish a familiarity which makes visits more comfortable.
  • Having a family doctor can make your medical examinations more accurate and efficient. Meeting with the same doctor offers a huge advantage over meeting with a different doctor every time you need an examination. They know your past health issues and your health history. When you have a family doctor, you’re more than just a stranger with a chart.
  • The whole family is taken care of with a family doctor. Your family’s well being is important. A family doctor can help make sure that your entire family stays healthy. If you have a doctor you will be more likely to take your family to get check ups and examinations. Regular check ups are important to staying healthy and preventing health issues.
  • You can’t diagnose yourself. The Internet and your friend telling you that your cough sounds like his or her sick uncle’s cough might have you convinced that you can accurately diagnose yourself, but that’s just not the case. Doctors go through years of training and schooling so that they can identify ailments and help patients. Your ability to use a keyboard just isn’t the same.