3D Mammography Clinical Trial


BREAST_CENTER_2015MANA’s The Breast Center Begins Clinical Trial for Second Generation 3D Mammography

November 11, 2015 – The Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas, a MANA clinic, today announces participation in a clinical trial using a second-generation 3D Mammography tool, the Fuji ASPIRE Cristalle Tomosynthesis. The clinical trial will offer participants access to the new generation of 3D Mammography with higher resolution images and significantly less radiation exposure.

MANA’s The Breast Center is one of a handful of centers chosen to participate in the clinical trial to help evaluate the new Fuji ASPIRE machines in the United States prior to FDA approval. The clinical trial will compare the accuracy of the second generation 3D machine to traditional 2D mammography.

“We expect this new generation of 3D Mammography to advance breast cancer diagnosis by eliminating tissue overlap and shadowy distractions in the images and create better image quality and clarity,” said Dr. Steven Harms, a Breast Imaging Physician at The Breast Center. Harms explained, “The problem with 3D instruments typically on the market today is that 3D is performed with half the resolution, or clarity, compared to standard 2D mammography. This machine actually has the capability of matching or beating 2D resolution.”

The latest digital detector used in the Fuji 3D machine at The Breast Center provides resolution improvement similar to going from an HD television to 4K television. In addition, the improved efficiency of the new Fuji 3D’s detector allows for 20% less radiation exposure than first generation 3D Mammograms.

“Being chosen to participate in a clinical trial of this caliber is an honor and fits well with our mission to save lives through early detection,” said Dr. Danna Grear, co-founder of The Breast Center.

Since Fuji 3D mammography is part of a clinical trial, the 3D part of the examination is being provided at no charge to patients or their insurance. Patients who participate in the trial will receive both a 2D and a 3D mammogram. Participant names and identifying data will be kept confidential and removed from all research data.

View the 3D Mammography Clinical Trial Participation Information for more information about participating in the Fuji 3D Mammography Clinical Trial at The Breast Center or call 479-442-6266. The Breast Center has locations at 55 West Sunbridge in Fayetteville and at 801 S.E. Plaza Avenue in Bentonville.