3 Fun Ideas for Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2020 will be a bit different from previous years, but it can definitely still be fun! 

The Centers for Disease Control have an interactive map that shows the danger level of neighborhoods across the country. Here in Northwest Arkansas, the level of risk is high enough that you might want to skip Trick or Treat.

Halloween Hike

A costumed family walk under the moon may become a new favorite tradition. Walk through a local cemetery, a woodsy walking trail, or a decorated neighborhood.

Mount Sequoyah is a good choice. It’s a 1.25 mile trail with some challenging spots and lots of natural beauty. You can definitely feel like Hansel and Gretel in this wooded walk.

If you’ll have free time during the day on Halloween, why not visit the Haunted Hangar at the Arkansas Air & Military Museum. They’ll be open from 11:00 to 3:00, and you can visit the haunted place without too much spooky scariness if you go in broad daylight. Even if you don’t see the aviator’s ghost, you can see wonderful airplanes, some a century old.

Farmland Adventures is another place that lends itself to a good walk. Start with the Corn Maze — but there is a petting zoo, pony rides, and much more fun.

Overachievers, don’t miss the Goblin Run in Bentonville.

Spooky Space

Not sure where to find a decorated neighborhood to stroll through? Maybe you can make yours the favorite!

Halloween is right behind Christmas as a home decorating holiday, with 42% of Americans dressing up their houses for Halloween, while 54% dress up for Christmas. Everything from Halloween lights and Halloween trees to spooky scenes and Jack o’Lanterns turn up on our doorsteps.

Spend some time planning with your family, and have fun making and arranging decorations.

On Halloween, get your costumes on and relax on the porch, enjoying the reactions of passersby.

If you feel like putting out candy in case other families are out and about, make sure you set the bowl at least six feet from you and your family. Masks are always in style for Halloween, and social distancing is smart, too.

Halloween 2020 Zoom Party

A family party centered around a spooky movie or game and Halloween candy is bound to be fun. Include others with Zoom, Drawful, Netflix Party, and similar apps that let your family connect with other friends and family members.

Share your favorites in the comments!

Whatever new technology you adopt to make this idea work, give yourself a chance to practice with it ahead of time so tech glitches don’t spoil the party.

Here are some fun recipes to add to your party:

If you’re including friends who live nearby, drop off a sack of Halloween candy on their porch during the day. They can do the same for you, and all the kids will have the surprise element of Trick or Treat without taking the risk.